Russian Train Tickets

East West Link has the only complete English Language online control panel licensed and approved by Russian Railways (RZD). This system allows an individual to easily plan, schedule and book online for individual, multi-leg or complex journeys. We handle over 30,000 passenger journeys every year and are the number one agent for providing e-tickets sales outside of Russia. Through our group company, All Russian Trains, our expertise and specialist services are available to partners and affiliates.

The number 1 independent provider of Trans-Siberian tickets

The East Wet Link tools also allow partners and their customers to plan and book complex train journeys such as the Trans-Siberian route. We help clients’ to book over 10,000 of these specialist train journeys every year.

Train Tickets Technological Solutions

East West Link has developed a range of technological solutions for our partners based on the level of independence, branding and involvement they require. The train ticket partner solutions have been designed to be helpful and provide an ‘easy to use’ experience for the user.

All options allow our partners automatic access to:

  • Live schedules with train prices available in different currencies ($, €, £, Roubles) without the worry of price fluctuations
  • Reserve tickets before they go on general sale
  • Concise reporting, including the volume and value of your sales in a given time period
  • Specialist train teams based in Russia with long term, established links to RZD and regional railways
  • Issue e-tickets (vouchers) which can be exchanged for paper tickets at rail stations and issue e-registrations for ticketless travel
  • View facilities for people with specialist needs or to manage group bookings including if required add a carriage to a train
  • Obtain discounts for large groups

Summary of partner options

Control Panel

A self-serve option that allows you to plan, manage and book Russian train tickets without having to speak to a third party.

Ideal for:

Travel agents dealing with customers face to face or via telephone or corporate clients wanting to book journeys for staff.

Vanilla Affiliate

Offers similar features as the control panel but available through the partner’s website so that their customers can plan, book and pay online for train tickets. Quick & easy to set up, a simple link can generate income immediately.

Ideal for:

Owners of web sites looking for additional income without any activity on their part.

Co-Branded Affiliate

Minimal technical knowledge required. Allows a new portfolio of products and income opportunity from a co-branded template website.

Ideal for:

Online travel agents, rail agents and online companies who offer related Russian or rail services whom are happy to partner with a specialist.

White Label Affiliate

Provides the ability to brand the train ticket tools integrated as part of partner’s own website. Partners maintain the customer relationship.

Ideal for:

Online travel agents and online companies who want to expand their portfolio of services and maintain their branding.

XML Gateway

Industry standard XML gateway allows partners to develop and integrate live, real time booking and management of the train ticketing tools into their own front and back end systems.

Ideal for:

E-commerce travel agents or specialist rail companies who want to integrate Russian Rail train tickets into their systems.