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East West Link is a leading internet based incoming tour operator in Russia providing a complete range of travel services. Our individual services include:

  • Visa Processing and services for Russia and the surrounding region
  • Russian and European Train Tickets
  • Trans-Siberian rail journeys
  • Discounted Hotel bookings
  • Transportation Services
  • Travel Programs and Tours
  • Short Sightseeing Trips and Excursions

Russian Tours

We specialise in individual, customised tour programs and specialised travel itineraries including:

  • Trans-Siberian — follow the world's longest single rail journey; from Moscow to the Pacific city of Vladivostok on the Trans-Russian, from Moscow to Beijing through the mountains of the old Silk Route on the Trans-Manchurian or the classic Moscow to Beijing via mysterious Mongolia on the Trans-Mongolian.
  • General Interest Tours — to discover the beauty and culture of Russia, visit ancient cities and monuments and learn more about the history and people of this exciting country.
  • Special Interest Tours — to experience the most specific aspects of Russia and get acquainted with country’s attractions for children, newly-married or elderly clients.
  • Adventure Tours — for an out of the ordinary experience, to fly in a military MIG plane into the stratosphere, explore the Golden Ring or Kamchatka, and go hiking or fishing in deepest Siberia.